Boughton Target Stand

1-7′ section 1 ¼” PVC pipe

4-1 ¼” PVC non-thread T’s

2-6′ 1″ by 2″ furring strips

1-can PVC cement

Cut 7′ PVC section into 4-12″ lengths and 2-4″ lengths

The additional 28″ PVC connects the 2 sides (crosspiece). I don’t glue the crosspiece so I can have portability and use different size targets. The targets are stapled to the furring strips.

Attach 2-12″ lengths to 1-T in the top of the “T’ place 1-4″ length. Turn another “T” sideways to fit over that 4″ length: Repeat process for other side.

Your crosspiece comes out the side of the “T” and connects to the other side. The furring strips go in the top of the “T”.

It should have the overall look of a large 2 dimensional “H”.