04.19.15 Outdoor Files

Kent’s Pheasant Scallopini

Cut pheasant breasts in half and slice by length in ½” strips

Put strips between wax paper sheets and pound flat with a smooth mallet. I use an axe handle.

Grind up saltine crackers with a food processor to a course consistency. You can also use a heavy bag and pound crackers with a mallet (or axe handle) Add dry hot pepper or dried spices to taste.

Make a wash to dip pheasant strips in using eggs and milk beaten together.

Dip strips in wash and then the course cracker mix. You can use a large plastic bag and shake to coat. I push crackers into strips by hand.

Heat peanut oil in skillet at 350-to-400 degrees roughly 1″ in depth.

Place coated pheasant strips in skillet and cook until golden brown.

You can dip finished strips in Picante sauce or any kind of salsa like chips.

This is a great finger food at home and for parties. The kids will love it too!