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  • Rachel Riekenberg:

    How long can a wild turkey sit in a tree? We were visited Early Easter morning not by the Easter Bunny but by a flock of wild turkeys! There were at least 16-18 of them. We live in town in Kearney on the West part of town and one tom has decided to stay in our tree. He has been there since Easter morning. I’m worried for E.T. as we have named him (EASTER TURKEY). Our neighbors behind us have hunting dogs but they do have them in their Kennel or in the house from time to time. We have a vicious a 2 pound Yorkie:) I just don’t want him dying of hunger and falling down from high up in our Cotton Wood tree. I hope you can let us know if there is any thing we can do for ET or if he will be ok up there.

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